Asher Roth – “Apples And Bananas” Video

08.27.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

asher roth apples bananas video

Even people with a passing knowledge of Asher Roth’s career in the past two years know that the Pennsylvanian has switched up his rapping style. It’s more obtuse, over-pronounced and infinitely weirder, sort of like a kooky Warner Bros. cartoon.

Which is probably why Ash’s latest video for “Apples & Bananas,” fresh off June’s Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2, is animated. The track just plays better set against the Ryan Maloney-directed backdrop of Ash and friends’ trying to woo a bikini-clad Amazon. Apples and bananas do make an appearance in the video, but it’s disheartening to see that Ash’s girl next door serves apple slices with the seeds. Because really: who the hell does that?

Watch the video below. Snag The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 here.

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