Asher Roth – “Common Knowledge” Video

12.23.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Asher Roth is a battle-tested veteran at this point. He’s been replaced again and again as the latest, greatest “it topic” in Hip-Hop’s collective consciousness. But forget the past conversations and controversies – right now, he’s just chilling. Pabst & Jazz dropped a few short days ago and, right on its heels, here’s the video for “Common Knowledge.” On the track, Asher flexes a little skill here over a knocking beat from Blended Babies. He’s been using a hyper-dense flow recently, slipping from rhyme-to-rhyme with some laid-back flair. I like the style – the similar-sounding “In The Kitchen” got more than a few spins from me, too. Plus, the hook’s catchy, and Aristotle Torres’ visuals are a nice complement to the track as well – this is just Asher in his element, having a little fun.

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