Asher Roth Feat. D.A. Wallach – “Gotta Get Up” Video

04.08.11 7 years ago 10 Comments


The surge in creativity for viral clip should never cease to amaze you nor continue to inspire new techniques. Director Luke Tedaldi was up for the challenge to painstakingly win over your attention span when he was asked to shoot Asher Roth’s latest slacker exhibition. Taking roughly 55,000 scenes from The Big Lebowski, Luke used high-dynamic-range imaging (HDR) to shoot the entire deal for an impressively distasteful masquerade.

This is the perfect compliment to Asher’s lacksadisical approach to the music. All in favor of seeing him collaborate next with Skylar Grey for a remake of True Romance hit the “Like” button one good time.

“Gotta Get Up” – Asher Roth from Luke Tedaldi on Vimeo.

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