Asher Roth Gets Jazzy On “Sway In The Morning”

09.22.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

Asher Roth’s debut buzz came and went just like his free albums. Heads swore his time ran out but hey, he’s still here making this music thing happen. Check him out rocking with a live band on Sway In The Morning as he keeps fans abreast on Is This Too Orange‘s status. Anyone looking for a frustrated rapper tirade ought to look that-a-way as Roth keeps things diplomatic then gets right to the music. Good ‘ol industry rule #4080 seems afoot from his words but, despite the setbacks, he reassures Sway about progress made on his sophomore effort.

Now let’s get to the music. You’ll hear parts of “Bastermating” and “In The Kitchen” off Pabst and Jazz as the band gets loose. There’s something great about rap built on samplers translating well as live performances. Press play and you’ll hear what I mean. Sway might have a winner with this series so let’s see how it develops.

H/T: 2DB

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