Uhm…Astro’s “KONY” Kendrick Lamar Response Is Pretty Damn Good

08.14.13 4 years ago 46 Comments

astro kony kendrick lamar response

Leave it to the youngest in charge to deliver a strike in the direction of Kendrick Lamar. Astro’s the next New Yorker to take a hard line in response to “Control,” you know while Fab’s GPS took him off course in search of a studio*. The juvenile artist is clearly the least known (not to us though) of any NY MC out there but he’s shown without fail that he’s highly qualified, more than his age implies.

I’m no Smack DVD expert but I have to give Astro credit for directing the majority of his lines at Kendrick. He’s the scrappy guy clearly only nipping at KDot’s heels at this point in his career but lands several strong blows in the form of punchlines, ones good enough for chuckles (“I play like D’Antoni and get Lamar out the game”).

And, he did all of it without cursing. Except once, when he says “Fuck all you fake New Yorkers,” which deserves a Flex bomb or two for emphasis.


The only thing ‘Stro’s missing is a little more umph in his delivery to sell his “KONY.” How can I be mad that’s he’s missing bass in his voice when the kid’s balls haven’t dropped? It is what it his until he finishes puberty. But, make no mistake about it, he’s springing up faster than a weed and it’s not the last time we’ll hear Astro’s name**.

* — Where the f*ck is Papoose? Is it visiting day for him and Remy at the penitentiary?

** — If you’ve been coming here long enough, you know this definitely isn’t the last time you’ll hear this kid’s name.

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