Astro – “Methods”

11.12.12 5 years ago 11 Comments

This kid Astro’s captivating my attention for some reason. In an effort to do dad things with my daughter, we watched one of those TV shows where artists perform celebrity judges critique and people vote. Not Idol, but one of those types of shows every network seems to have now. The first week or so, I was watching for her sake. After catching Astro play the game and excel for a number of episodes, I found myself watching just to see how far he was going to make it (or they would allow him to make it).

Eventually, he got voted off.

Yet, the departure from the show wasn’t the end of the road for Astro because talented, strong-willed people turn negatives into positives and that seems to be where he’s at as he leads up to his Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics mixtape. The previous track “Deadbeat” was enough to warrant keeping him on the radar and the self-produced follow-up, “Methods,” makes him a solid two for two.

Rap’s seen its fair share of young MCs fizzle and fade and, since I’m not a fortuneteller, I can’t predict what the cosmos have in store for Astro. But every time I even think of marking him off as a passing fade, he pushes back by showing he can make the kind of tracks that stick. “Methods” sounds every bit as mature as 90% of the artists shuffling mp3s today but it’s the fact that the kid can switch his flow, weave in a Wu reference and other nuances that make me nod in agreement.

Every time the kid gets counted out, he’s shown a penchant for coming back harder than before. In the big scheme of things, the traits an early sign of success.

Astro – “Methods”

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