This Kid Astro Is Phenomenal, Proves It Again With “5 Fingers Of Death” Freestyle On ‘Sway’s Universe’

02.25.13 5 years ago 16 Comments

“I mastered this, kicking every lyric with a different rhythm, Young and black, ain’t trying to see the system, that’s a stigmatism.”

You can’t force a horse to drink after you’ve lead them to water and you can’t force fresh upon anyone. But, boys and girls, there are only so many ways we can say “Astro’s dope and people should check him out” before we have to leave it at that. Whether you press play or not, that choice is yours.

So, here it is. Astro on Sway In The Morning, doing damage on the show’s “5 Fingers Of Death” segment. “They like ‘he young, but the spirit is old,’ that’s cause I been here in spirit and soul…” That young boy ain’t never lied.

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