Atmosphere – “Just For Show” Video

03.16.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

You can call me out for generalizing, but women tend to change their mind more often than gas stations been changing their prices lately. One day they’re complaining about not getting an invite somewhere & the next you’re being told things are moving too fast and space is needed. As long as you’re playing along with the whims they want you adhering to, contentment lies in their hearts. But as soon as you head out the door, their tune turns from Winehouse to Adele.

Slug, the lyrical side of Atmosphere knows this song all to well as he proves on the duo’s latest single “Just For Show.” The video that accompanies the track puts a whole new spin on the “all men are dogs” mantra that is prevalent in American culture. Personal, relatable lyrics in abundance is the niche that the group has grinded out over the past decade and their next album The Family Sign seems to be in the same vein as their previous works. Which is great news for new fans & old fans alike.

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