The Great Delay Of 2010…

01.01.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, the Blackberry’s Messenger crashed, sending panic to a world of cell phone-dependent addicts. When it happened, I thought to myself, “what could be worse?”

Well leave it up to AT&T to answer my question. Right around prime New Year’s hours, I received a few “stop it!” and “quit!” texts. Why? Because my lovely service provider thought it’d be awesome if seemingly every text were sent out at least five times. And in bundles. And an hour after I hit the “send” button. Which means that a few friends got a few of the same “Happy New Year” texts from yours truly. My friends explained to me that this happened to a few AT&T users.

This may seem like a minor problem until you take a moment to imagine a drunk guy sending an ill-timed “I love you” text. The object of his desire got at least five of those, making the experience as awkward as possible as I’m sure she looked at her phone like “this guy is going ham on the love thing…maybe I should rethink.”

My night had a similar fate.

“It’s New Years on the east coast! It’s like I’m texting from the future.”

“Happy New Years to your time zone!”

“You there?”

“Oh I guess you’re with him again! Fuck you!… I thought we had something!”

“Yeah, I fucked yo friend! Girl you stank hoe!” © Ghostface…

About an hour later I got a: “oh yea! Forgot you were on the east coast! Happy New Year! ;)”

Needless to say, her subsequent texts weren’t so nice.

After a certain someone received the same Ghostface quote about her questionable hygiene eight times, it’s safe to assume that she didn’t ring in 2010 like she wanted.

Ok, did any of this happen? No. But it could have. And I bet it happened to some lonely schmuck out in the free world.

And who do we blame?

The Great AT&T Delay of 2010.

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