August Alsina Speaks On Rumors He Ruptured A Groupie’s Cervix

07.23.14 4 years ago 20 Comments

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Here’s a story that most definitely made my vag hurt.

August Alsina allegedly sent a groupie to the hospital after sex so rough, it ruptured her cervix and nearly killed her.

According to the woman, she enjoyed young Alsina’s unusually large member at first but then things went wrong when he proceeded to do like Killa Cam and tried to get to the “bottom of the p****hole.”

“It hurt at first. Then I started loving it. After a while he started going in real deep, he pumping me and putting all his weight behind it. It felt good until I felt a pop. Somehow his big d*ck hit something he shouldn’t.

I felt so much pain my legs started shaking.


He had his security team drive me to the hospital and I was there for 4 days with a ruptured cervix. Doctors say that I lost so much blood that I could have died.”

KMEL’s Sana G was able to get August to (barely) speak on the groupie’s tale. The “Luv This Shit” singer didn’t deny or confirm the rumor. Instead, August says he doesn’t recognize the woman, she isn’t suing him, and he hasn’t been having sexual intercourse lately. Oh and something about stopping before he can finish because “you could hurt someone if you keep going.” o_O

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