AWAR, Troy Ave and Vanderslice’s “Cadillac Grills” Is A Ready-Made Whip Anthem

06.04.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

awar troy ave Cadillac Grills lead

I drive a Honda. That fact isn’t going to change any time soon. But damn if songs like “Cadillac Grills” don’t have me dreaming of whipping something sexier – ‘Grills’ is all about showing off, and as much as I like my 2005 Accord, it’s not something you pull up slow and deliberate in.

The key component here is a deep, deep Southern beat concocted by Vanderslice. The kind that would make Pimp C blush. It’s handled with expert care by AWAR and Troy Ave, who take turns painting vivid pictures of awesome automobiles. If you’re in the position to give this anthem a proper home, don’t hesitate. Just have your best mean mug locked and loaded for when the neighbors complain.

AWAR and Vadnerslice’s The Winning Team drops July 8th.

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