“Aye Oh, Get’em Shawty!”

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Some artists are not geared towards creating club music. These two tracks are about the closest thing you’ll get to adapted dance records by Mike. And I use the term “dance” loosely as if you refer to simply celebrating, throwing your hands in the air to a call & response track (“Aye Oh”) or knuckin, buckin in a crowded shady nightspot, the kind where jeans, sneakers & white tees are allowed (“Get’em Shawty”).

And what’s a rowdy Southern club track without a reference to ass-shaking & parking lot pimpin, abusing some not-so-socially acceptable drug, such as poppin’ pills or treatin’ your nose?

“…Half the club on pills the other half on dranks, The parking lot full o’old schools on wet candy paint, Just last week a young nigga got shot, playing Superman, racing bullets in the parking lot…You already know the next day, the hood put in work, and came back the next week wearing R.I.P. shirts.”

Only thing these two tracks are missing is a reference to Waffle House & these could be thrown into some college canon as excellent examples of local color.

Killer Mike – Aye Oh (Prod. By David Banner)

Killer Mike Feat. Three Six Mafia – Get’em Shawty (Prod. By DJ Paul & Juicy J)

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