Aziz Ansari’s Next Stand-Up To Air On Netflix

09.25.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

aziz ansari buried alive promo video

Things that, if you tell me with a straight face you don’t enjoy, will force me to kick you in the shin: Aziz Ansari. Stand-up comedy. Netflix. Bugles.

I know I’m not alone here. And so do Aziz Ansari and Netflix, who are teaming up to bring you Aziz’s next big stand-up special, titled Buried Alive, set to air – on Netflix! – on November 1st. The move comes straight from the horse’s mouth in this delightful two-minute sketch from Ansari and Seth Rogen, advertising the event while pimping delicious stoner snacks.

Good move by all. No; great move by all. Granted, I’m probably just very hyped to see the next special from one of stand-up comedy’s best acts, but it’s very cool to think that we’ll be able to stream this at our leisure, commercial-free (assuming Comedy Central, not HBO, was the alternative).

And, of course, it follows the trend of solid original content that the digital video provider has been delving into over the past year (see: Orange Is The New Black, Arrested Development and House Of Cards). And don’t be surprised to see more great stand-up acts grace the red app on your PS3 or Xbox when this becomes the inevitable hit that we know it’ll be.

Bonus: Let’s watch some old Aziz now!

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