Lil Boosie And B Will Express Their Mutual Fear Of “Indictments”

06.02.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


“Don’t be scared, n*gga you in now
If the police come you gon’ find out who your friends now…”

Not because the line directly related to my life – it doesn’t – but said excerpt from YG’s “Meet The Flockers” is a personal favorite in 2014.

More than most, the lyrics probably hit home something serious for Lil Boosie, the once caged bird and protector of all things trill in the post-Pimp C era (excluding Bun, of course). Bad Azz has grown to understand the law and how being on the wrong side of it nearly cost him everything. Such is a sound hypothesis why his verse on fellow Trill Ent. mate’s, B Will, “Indictments” hit harder than much of anything he’s dropped since leaving the “three hots and cot” lifestyle in his rearview.

Not to go without mention, Will’s part is worth the listen, despite it being touch-and-go initially. About halfway through, he begins to find his groove and his unique voice and approach does more good than harm. However, it’s Boosie who captures the Oscar for “Best Performance in a Drama” providing a glimpse into the tumultuous trek that was his near five-year nightmare in the belly of the beast.

“I hate talkin’ about indictments, but I think it’s time to speak
Five months ’til my release these n*ggas stole my brother Bleek
Four weeks later read the paper faces poppin’ up (I’m hurtin’)
Homicide at my cell sayin’ we gotcha on seven murders
Next day four more indictments it was frightening my heart shakin’
Four more drug charges and my ol’ lady made the statement…”

There’s nothing wrong with turn up Boosie. Or ladies man Boosie. Yet, here’s to hoping Touchdown 2 Cause Hell features this, the introspective Boosie, in large doses. Not many can paint a picture clearer.


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