“Back Up, Back Up…”

05.31.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

Now in the parking lot, I had that .40 Glock ready, that gin gone keep me hype when I be watchin’ over Webbie…”

Too many times, my lament is for the old Savage Life Webbie to make an appearance. Better yet, I want to hear Boosie rhyming alongside him to a track, preferably produced by Mouse. If you need a reference point, check “Back Up,” laid when they were still young teens fresh in the game. Gun totin’, threats, laughable boasts (“while I fuck yo baby momma, she say ‘fuck my baby daddy…”), claims of having each other’s backs and ruckus club behavior all make lyrical appearances.

What’s really conveyed through the duo’s appearance is a hunger, two kids going after music as if they were previously malnourished, this being their only chance to eat. Boosie seems to have never lost his hunger or focus.

Hopefully, Webbie will regain his & music like this will be back too.


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