Bailouts For Everyone!

10.02.08 9 years ago 30 Comments

The Great Bailout of ’08. Or a “rescue” as the Bush administration would call it.

However you want to phrase it, it passed the Senate by a wide 74-25 margin & is headed to the House.

Where were the House & Senate when I needed a bailout on that Visa I ran up towards the end of college? Can I expect a “rescue” attempt to be made on stacks upon stacks of paper I owe Sallie Mae on these student loans? Hell, I’ve spent the past three years paying off debts & rehabilitating my credit after the economic collapse experienced around my household in early 2K.


I’m aware of the fact that if these various businesses failed it would cause greater harm than if poor old me or you failed. But, when I run up a tab @ the bar & I can’t pay for it, they’ll prosecute my arse…and the bouncers will prolly serve up an asswhuppin even before they pick up the phone to call the law.

Now who’s serving what punishment to these big businesses?

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