Barbie Recall: The 10 Most Absurd Lyrics From Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday

11.19.10 6 years ago 162 Comments
Graphics by Anthoniaa

Jump for joy! Pink Friday is finally here! The album is a poppy mishmash of girly music that sounds like it’s sponsored by Bratz. However, we won’t knock Nicki’s hustle as she works to become a household name.

What we will, knock, though, is some of her choices when it comes to lyrical content. Good Lord, Pink Friday is littered with enough horrible punchlines to make the writers of Two And A Half Men jealous. Here are 10 lines that hit us while we were forcing ourselves to listen listening, innocently nodding along and made us suddenly turn our heads and ask, “What that chick just say?”…and we don’t mean that in a good way.

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1. Track: “I’m The Best”

Line: “Even when my dad was on crack i was crack/ now the whole album crack.”

Why It’s Absurd: Crack has long affected generations of children and Nicki confirms her lineage in rhyme. In a mere ten words, there’s an unmasking of the source for her penchant for the spastic stringing together of nonsensical lines, the herky-jerky delivery and the complete inability to stay focused while the voices in her head battle for time on the mic. Looking for an overall theme for Pink Friday? Search no further than this line.

2. Track: “Roman’s Revenge”

Line: “Hang it up, flatscreen/ …plasma…hey Nicki, hey Nicki…asthma.”

Why It’s Absurd: At first, the line sounds harmlessly funny but expect it to sound dumber and dumber after each listen, to the point where skipping the track completely becomes the norm. Obviously, hanging up a plasma flatscreen is a great idea. The TV projects its display better and mounting creates more floor space in a home. But as a rap line, there’s something about this that will induce a cringe, a #hurtswhenyoubreathe effect if you will.

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