Bart Scott Says Ravens & Redskins Players Fought Over Strippers

11.09.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

In case you blinked and didn’t notice, the NFL regular season is halfway over. Contenders are taking shape, rookies are no longer rookies, the talk of 16-0 and 0-16 seasons for the Packers and Colts, respectively, are bubbling and Bart Scott is still talking. And for that last item, the church can collectively say amen. Scott – who became “pop culture famous” for his now legendary spur-of-the-moment proclamation “Can’t wait!” – called in to chop it up with ESPN New York’s Michael Kay. The two went back and forth about the Jets turnaround from a three game losing streak to now being in a tie for first place in the AFC East, head coach Rex Ryan’s blossoming acting career and more.

The attention grabber in from their conversation, however, dealt with his playing time in Baltimore.

Do you sense a rivalry between the Jets and Giants?

“Not at all. Like I said when I was in Baltimore I could remember with the Redskins you had guys fighting over strippers and all kind of stuff. I don’t sense that here. I think it is a mutual respect. I think the town is big enough for both of us. I think we were just trying to make a statement that hey we wanted a little bit bigger piece of the spotlight because when I got here my sense was pretty much all Giants type of town. We played in Giants Stadium. We just want to get our piece of the pie. We respect them, but we would definitely love – we look forward to that game. I believe it is the 24th of December for bragging rights and hoping that’s the game that could help us win this division.”

Bart you gotta help me out. You guys fought for strippers? What does that mean?

“When you are in a small place like Baltimore and the temperature is relatively cold – hey you compete over the same chicks. That’s a football players favorite spot. Especially young football players. It was always a rivalry. Guys fight about hey that is my girlfriend and that’s my girlfriend, but here? Five million people, maybe more. There is plenty for everybody.”

Honestly, it makes sense. The DMV (DC-Maryland-Northern Virginia) is a confined area and one where it is easy to run into a lot of familiar faces. And that’s just for us common folk. Imagine being a NFL player with money to blow and strip clubs to satisfy those urges. The Ravens/Redskins rivalry is one of the least talked about, but still hotly contested mainly because nothing but an hour drive separates the two; 45 minutes if traffic decides to work in your favor. Now we know the disdain is deeper than merely pigskin; the root of the hate revolves around the one drug man has never been able to shake – women. Women who take their clothes for money, at that. But maybe Scott’s confession begins to explain the ‘Skins now 12 year long drought since last winning the division. They were more concerned with Stadium than actually performing in the stadium.

Points deducted from Kay for not coming straight out of the gate and asking the “Sanchez flinch” though. I’ll be damned if that’s not one of the funniest things to happen to a quarterback since Gus Frerotte gave himself a concussion.

Listen: Michael Kay Interviews Bart Scott On 1050 ESPN New York


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