This Battle Rapper Did A Slim Jesus Impression And Got Slapped For His Troubles

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11.30.15 16 Comments

Corey Charron is a world-renown battle rapper with wins over top-tier foes like Charlie Clips, DNA and The Saurus, he’s won BET’s 106 And Park Freestyle Friday tournament and performed in The Cypher at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Knowing all of that, it’s kind of sad that all he’ll ever be known for now is that time he impersonated Slim Jesus and got slapped.

Yes, Charron decided to use his inherent whiteness as its own punchline in his 2-on-2 battle against DNA and K-Shine. In the third round of a surprisingly heated and tense battle, he took off his track jacket to reveal a homemade mockup of Slim Jesus’ True Religion t-shirt and hilarity ensued. Admittedly, it was a decent antic, complete with a few toy guns and his partner 100 Bulletz holding up a disclaimer about the toy guns being just props.

It all begins unfolding at about the 27-minute mark in the video above and gets out of hand almost immediately. Fake or not, K-Shine clearly didn’t take too kindly to having a gun pointed at him and eventually he slaps it out of Charron’s hand, much to the crowd’s delight. Charron responds a few seconds later by slapping Shine’s hat off his head and is met almost instantly with a Rick James-smack right across his left cheek.

The worst part of it all? Bulletz responds by simply continuing the verse, and a clearly rattled Charron tries his best to pull off a rebuttal moments later with “It’s funny that’s the only punch you landed this battle.” Word is they all dapped it up afterwards and laughed about the entire incident and Charron is claiming on Twitter that he’s already been offered good money to battle elsewhere now. Check out a better view of the slap below.

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