Let’s Be Honest, Who Didn’t See This Coming?

11.11.09 8 years ago 43 Comments

First off take a long, hard (II) look at the picture above.

Notice the date?  Friday the 13th, as in four days prior to Before I Self Destruct hitting store shelves and about 400 days since the first stalled it’s original single “Get Up” surfaced.  I was wondering what 50 had up his sleeves to add a little buzz to his release.  Lord knows a building single, decent album & accompanying movie aren’t enough for Boo Boo.  He used little brother last time, so big brother is only the natural progression.

Seeing as how he’s been playing chess ever since GRODT, I wonder how long he’s been building up this all out assault on Jay-Z?  I mean what other business would him and Beanie Sigel have to talk about on a song?  Countless videos have been floating around the net about how 50’s wanted to sign Beanie to G-Unit for a few years, but Jigga’s pride wouldn’t let that happen.  It would also go a long way as to explaining why Beanie felt compelled to go at Jay seemingly out of the blue.  Bean’s may see it as initiation into G-Unit, but 50’s been waiting to go all out at Hov for a minute & Sigel’s situation* is the perfect springboard for that.

As well as a great way to bring some attention to Before I Self Destruct.  Think about it, 50 needs to make his albums into an event because the music isn’t strong enough to pull people in on it’s on.  Not that the music isn’t quality, but the persona of 50 Cent surpasses the music at this point.  His interviews, assaults on lesser rappers, movies & insights on the music industry keep people entertained & him continually in the public eye.  The music is secondary at this point.  I think if he kept all the extra curricular activities goings and didn’t put any more music out most people would be none the wiser.

TC summed it up with this gem the other day: “I don’t think anyone of you care if this gets a 1 or a 5 lol.”

A telltale sign that he’s reached retirement age in rapper years.

*Of cousrse I could be wrong and “I Go Off” was just made for the sake of making great music.

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