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08.06.14 3 years ago 26 Comments

Becky Hammon Hired To Spurs’ Staff [ABC]

There Is A New Leaker Disclosing American Secrets [CNN]

Bobbito Garcia Reveals Upcoming Colabs [Sneaker Freaker]

Why Being a Hip-Hop Producer Sucks [Paul Cantor]

Sneaker Wars: adidas Vs. Puma [Livestock]

How It Feels To Be A Musician Who Hates Sound [Esquire]

The nWo Is Definitely Having A Reunion At RAW On Monday Maybe [With Spandex]

What Makes Us Fat: Is It Eating Too Much Or Moving Too Little? [NPR]

We All Might Want to Be a Little More Freaked Out About Toledo’s Water Crisis [Vice]

The Life and Death of American Slang, Part I: Shade and Twerk [American Reader]

Man Builds His Own Toll Road, Charges People Desperate To Avoid 14 Mile Detour [Guardian]

James Brown’s Band ‘Get On Up’ for Hollywood Bowl Tribute Concert [Billboard]

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