“Behind The Music…”

07.25.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

Words By David D.

It’s too often that local cats from small markets with a gang-load of talent are passed over for the next big ATL/Chicago/NY MC. Good thing this doesn’t seem to be happening to Jackson, MS MC 5th Child.

Over the last couple of years, his name had been popping up on local papers, magazines and shows all over Mississippi and Louisiana. I’d always been a fan, so when I heard the MC was working on his new album, Behind the Music, I used my TSS press pass to get a sneak preview. We are truly in for something special.

5th Child produces his own work and infuses his beats with a sample heavy sound and vintage blaring horns while he lyrically Superfly-strolls through each song. One standout track I heard was “Classy” in which 5th rocks “new shoes on/ boo on my arm, draped in Lou Vuitton” while proclaiming he’s “the man in my hometown hands down/icy white Nikes make the Ku Klux Klan proud.” The track is a showcase of fly-talk with Buddens-like punchlines for days.

But 5th really shines when he gets introspective. Behind the Music starts as a rap album allowing one to experience 5th Child’s skills, but gradually the layers are peeled away until the listeners sees a man’s soul on wax. “Sacrifice” and “Slippin'” allow us to see the inconsistencies and personal battles artists and, in general, human beings face when trying to succeed.

Behind the Music drops in a couple of weeks, but until then here are a few tracks.

5th Child – “Classy”

5th Child Feat. Trumpcard – “Sacrifice”

5th Child – “Slippin'”

For more info, visit myspace.com/5thchildmusic.

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