Rewind: Bell Biv DeVoe’s “I Do Need You”

10.14.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

Originally, all I wanted to do was laud BBD’s ballad and leave it at that. Plans changed once a discussion occurred after I found out that photos of Kanye’s balls are being peddled to the highest bidder. Apparently, men sending skin flicks to chicks isn’t just for celebs and athletes but everyone. Noncipher.

Hoes are not on my d*ck because I look like Jesus. I am not a pimp by blood or relation. I don’t even consider myself a ladies man. In fact, I’m not even a participant in such activities because I’ve been happily ball and chain status for over two years now. However, I know who should be the figurative pimp and hoe. It looks as if too many dudes did not enroll in “Break-A-Bitch College” to study under Premrose and MJG. Maybe too much Cudi and not enough Todd Shaw. Not to go all Steve Harvey but a man should never take pictures of his junk, unless it’s under the direction of a physician for X-ray purposes. I’m appalled when I pick up a young buck’s cell phone only to see him shirtless as his wallpaper because it means he’s headed in the wrong direction. For myself, I always found it awkward to send a picture of my face to a female, even though the exposure does produce results for me.

Let’s be clear here: a picture of your schlong is not going to automatically cause a young lady to shimmy out of her underwear. One in ten chances, maybe. What you’ve done is given her incriminating evidence to be used against you. Hell, I never even wrote broads letters, lest those words be used against me and me not be able to deny them. Now, how does one deny his own balls?

I’m all for gettin’ to the goodies and I’ll say and do whatever it takes to accomplish it. Sweet talk her, sell a b#tch a dream, phone-bone with her all night long and even sing a lullaby, which brings us back to the BBD track. These guys got to the draws the right way, by using their mouth hustle.

[audio:|titles=06 – I Do Need You]

Download — Bell Biv DeVoe – “I Do Need You”

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