One Word: Nard

02.21.09 9 years ago 21 Comments

This was almost going to be a Daily Funk by itself but I figured I’d share the whole album. A few days ago, I was messing around looking for something else & stumbled upon this one. It’s one of those that’s been shared & heard by most, but still worth re-sharing in case somebody’s missed it during their musical e-travels.

At sixteen, the world is an oyster. And for Bernard Wright, he managed to find, polish & bless the world with a pearl of a debut album in 1981. Don’t judge it by the cover; just grab it & listen if you aren’t familiar. A majority of G-Funk finds its origins & influences in young Bernard’s album.

1. Haboglabotribin’ – Bernard Wright, Don Blackman
2. Firebolt Hustle – Bernard Wright, Henry Grate, Jr.
3. Music Is the Key – Bernard Wright, Weldon Irvine,
4. Spinnin’ – Bernard Wright, Alvin Flythe
5. Just Chillin’ Out – Bernard Wright, Marcus Miller
6. Bread Sandwiches – Bernard Wright
7. Master Rocker – Bernard Wright, Ronnie Miller,
8. We’re Just the Band – Bernard Wright, Henry Grate, Jr.
9. Solar – Bernard Wright, Miles Davis

Bernard Wright – Nard

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