Bernie Mac’s Appearance On ‘The Chris Rock Show’ Was Nothing Short Of Great

09.02.13 4 years ago 15 Comments

Perhaps no celebrity death of the past five years hit home harder from a personal perspective than Bernie Mac’s. Every three months or so, getting lost in a sea of random Mac clips has become sort of a routine/therapy session. It’s a reminder just how talented Bernie was and how much he transformed throughout his career while never sacrificing what it was that made him so unique – himself.

Bernie was once a guest on The Chris Rock Show and stands as an often-forgotten moment of the Mac Man’s legacy.* Both comedians obviously had a natural chemistry working alongside each other in this brief clip while discussing the topics of police brutality and the always hilarious male/female dynamic. Yet, pay attention to Rock’s facial expression. As brief as it may be, he becomes a fan like anyone else. Mac had that uncanny ability to control a room simply by walking in one.

And if the previous 140+ words weren’t enough, the south side Chicago native’s reenacted phone conversation undoubtedly will. As it will always be until eternity, rest in comedy to one of the most iconic storytellers to ever grace the planet. I miss the hell out of Bernie Mac.

* – The show had its fair share of great moments, too. Rock hitting the streets of South Carolina to ask residents their feelings of the Confederate Flag over the Capitol Building, to this day, remains just as funny (and educational) today as it was over a decade ago.

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