The 5 Best Free Apps In Apple’s App Store Anniversary Giveaway

07.10.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

5 years ios

Apple is notorious for “preserving the quality of its brand” and never putting anything for sale, but they’re making an exception for the five year anniversary of the App Store. To celebrate the milestone, the tech giant has made several relatively expensive apps completely free for a limited time. And sweetening the pot even more is that each one is a top of the line, featured, and in some cases award-winning piece of work that has generally dominated the paid charts within the last few months.

So we, the app junkies at TSS, put together five notable app and game recommendations so your days at work can be as unproductive as ours. And as always, drop your own picks in the comments below.

tiny wings screenshot

Tiny Wings HD

This award-winning game spawned many, many clones, none of which ever completely matched up to the original. However the clones were free and Tiny Wings’ wasn’t, so it never hit my iPhone until this week. And now my days involve far more bobbing birds and far less work.

Download it here.

traktor screenshot

Traktor DJ

Traktor’s iOS app is great for basic users who just want to explore the concept of making a mix. It includes basic functions like beat-matching and looping, and considering the regular price is $20, anybody with even slightest urge to play with DJ’ing should download this without a second thought.

Download it here.


Infinity Blade II

The latest installment of Infinity Blade probably has the best graphics for any mobile game. It’s the only one that’s even remotely comparable to the other current-generation portable gaming devices.

Download it here.

how to cook everything screenshot

How To Cook Everything

My mother promised me a recipe book when I finished school. I returned home, degree in hand, last year to no recipe book (it was more like a recipe page). Oh well, now How To Cook Everything is on my phone, and paper is still obsolete.

Download it here.

badland screenshot


Another award-winning game, Badland is free for both iPhone and iPad. Also, the developers keep churning out new levels, so every few weeks there’s more to be played. And at $Free.99, there’s really no way to go wrong.

Download it here.

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