Pick Up The Pieces: The Best Of Tracy Morgan’s “Hustle Man” From ‘Martin’

05.25.14 3 years ago 23 Comments

Hustle Man Tracy Morgan Martin

I’m known as the resident Martin historian around TSS. It’s a tag I wear proudly and will continue to do so until Gotty checks into a retirement home or finally gets fed up with all of us and shuts the studio down for good. Word to Puffy.

Ask any fan of the sitcom to name their favorite non-Martin, Gina, Tommy, Cole, Pam character. You’ll here Jerome a lot. Dragonfly Jones. Bruh Man. Bob From Marketing. Ms. Gerri. Chances are you’ll hear Hustle Man at least once or twice, but the fact remains the character played by Tracy Morgan ranks as one of the funnier personalities from the series’ run.

With it being a holiday weekend, let’s keep words to a minimum. Enjoy this YouTube compilation of Hustle Man’s finest exploits, equipped with pork and bean juice, fake flowers and “free range chicken.”

And, of course, “pick up the pieces.” Because any Martin head recognizes that.

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