Willy Northpole: Too Black For BET

07.13.09 8 years ago 16 Comments

I truly despise this channel. So much, I keep it tuned in to stay on top of their fuckery, in an enemies-close-kinda-way. Their latest act of business is nothing short of the first class stupidity that’s earned them the right to be Viacom’s Cinderella (minus the fairy godmother) for all these years. As it turns out, Willy Northpole’s “#1 Side Chick” video’s portrayal of a guy with two girlfriends is unfit for their polished programming, as they have declared it banned from future broadcasting.

In a statement collected by SOHH, Willy Northpole’s manager Tiffany Johnson had this to say:

BET didn’t like how the video portrays a man in a relationship with two women. Johnson says there’s no anger in Northpole’s camp toward BET, but the channel’s decision “Kind of hurt, because they’ve shown a lot worse,” she says. “I don’t know how they can say we’re portraying something unwholesome, because the video ends with the man marrying one of the women. I feel our video is tasteful. We were kind of offended. My first thought was ‘Every Girl’ can get played, and we can’t?” (Phoenix New Times)

Fair question, especially with the live rendition from their sloppy award show treading dangerously in to the realm of pedophilia. I can’t wait to hear their excuse when “Best I Ever Had” makes fourteen appearances on the daily.

But in BET’s defense, imagery wasn’t the problem, seeing Willy showed more skin than any of the female models, it was the subliminal message it transpired to the viewers. So it’s O.K. for females to have two lovers but not males? No? Then how do explain Pleasure P’s “Boyfriend #2” being aired continuous on a continuous basis (sexist much Debra Lee?)  which features a man patiently waiting to get his share of his prize eventually alluding to scenes of him throwing her on the bed to “cuddle.” (Because that’s all side flames do with each other of course.)

Pleasure P – “Boyfriend #2” Video

This act of blatant favoritism on BET’s part brings back shameful memories when they banned Little Brother’s “Lovin’ It” video (from 2005’s The Minstrel Show) for being too…intellectual. Looking back, I’d have to agree it would have been a deplorable offense for the children to actually watch something that challenged their brain to operate. [Sarcasm]

What it all boils down to is certain individuals so concerned with displaying a squeaky clean “Black” perception, they lose sight of their brothers & sisters’ artistic vision.

Just like some typical niggas.

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