BEWARE’s Block: Locked And Loaded

02.21.16 2 years ago

Kweku Collins – “Ghost”

When hundreds of unpolished rappers send you songs that sound like carbon copies of their idols, coming across an actual original vibe is welcomed. Thankfully, Kweku Collins provided that audible relief this week with “Ghost,” a meditating movement towards spiritual righteousness from the Chicago rapper, that is openly seeking truth and beaming transparency. Oh, and he produced the record too.

LVNDVN – “Dragon”

Somber, grey R&B tunes aren’t typically my favorite vibe, but LVNDVN’s “Dragon” is hard to deny. Featuring slow-rolling production that never stops evolving and perfectly-pitched vocals, this flawless record from the mysterious singer comes across like an early Weekend track, which is clearly on purpose and should be welcomed with open arms.

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