BEWARE’s Block: Second Guesses Are For Suckers

05.10.15 3 years ago 10 Comments

K.A.A.N. – “Concealed The Outro (Fuck Em Remix)” Video

Ready? Set? K.A.A.N. Atop a staggering flip of Route 94’s dance jam “My Love,” this 24-year-old Maryland rapper grabs a figurative baton and sprints away with listener’s attention, rapping faster than The Flash running from the Feds, fueled by the heart of lion with three legs. The crazy thing? According to Jezebel, dude does masonry by day and has only been rapping for three years. Before he takes off, catch up with K.A.A.N.’s music by listening to his new Abstract Art project.


James Linck – “New Nostalgia”

My wife and I saw JMSN put on an amazing live show the other night in Detroit and James Linck was his opener. Although the singer/producer apparently lives in our backyard, we had never heard of him, but this dusty dance jam was a great introduction to his new, new wave pop sound. His scratchy soul seems to burst from the seems of this live sample-based jam and seeing him and his awesome bearded bassist make the step-friendly song in person was quite impressive. We should all be looking forward to hearing more from the talented Mr. Linck.


Russ – “Bugatti Stranger”

The more we hear from Russ, the more we dig his weathered soul and transparent knack for songwriting. Listen to songs like “My Baby” and this new release “Bugatti Stranger” and you’ll hear an artist who’s not afraid to use his pen for therapy. His latest loosie reflects on the ladies he’s accidentally pushed away in one way or another, all via his unconcerned sing-song delivery. Downloaded, obviously.

AD – “Blue”

Feeling “Blue” is a common occurrence for many people. So, when Los Angeles rapper AD decides to dedicate the first half of his somber new single to lost loved ones and ailing family members, it’s easy to appreciate his gut-wrenching delivery. Yet, AD will really grab your attention when he flips his double-entendre concept track on it’s head mid-song, channeling the West Coast meaning of Crips’ favorite shade and matching the mood switch with a totally G’d up beat that’s tailor made for scrapping Daytons and throwing up your set of choice.

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