BEWARE’s Block: The New Breed

02.28.16 2 years ago

Kris Minor – “Coolin” (Prod. by Kris Minor)

“Mama told me keep my faith in God and not these hoes.” After listening to Kwama’s “Coolin” a handful of times, I feel like stepping my game up. The energy this self-produced record gives off is high class comfort, making lavish lifestyles seem accessible for anyone who wants to put the work in. Ready to go? Press play and keep it moving.

SilaS – “Gullah Gullah Island” Video 

90s babies will remember when “Gullah Gullah Island” was a Nickelodeon kids show, set around an African-American family who taught everyone how to get along and cherish life together. Mississippi rapper SilaS is searching for those positive vibes in this dark new video of the same name, where he uses an impeccable flow and slick cinematography to help his quest for equality gain steam. Hopefully his work doesn’t go unheard. Download more powerful tunes from SilaS on his The Day I Died project here

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