BEWARE’s Block: This Is Definitely The Place

11.01.15 1 year ago

CHCKLK – “Young Boy”

When someone says their music is alternative R&B these days, it turns me off. But, CHCKLK’s “Young Boy” is so much more than another Weeknd rip-off. The NY native offers a truly deep take on this subdued soul record, explaining his difficult upbringing and planning a rise from the ashes. My only qualm? I have no idea how to pronounce dude’s name.

XL Middleton Feat. Moniquea – “Do Me Like That”

Want to feel g’d up from the feet up? Lean back your seat, put your hand at 12 o’clock on the steering wheel and turn up XL Middleton’s “Do Me Like That” loud as possible. This stand out from the Pasadena producer’s recent Tap Water project is the definition of bumpin’ and the type of true vintage funk music’s been missing for a while now. Download the full project here.

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