BEWARE’s Block: Time Is Money And Money Is Time

02.08.15 3 years ago 9 Comments

There are too many tunes to keep tabs on in 2015. Flat out.

Somehow, I manage to listen to nearly every drip of new music that is properly sent through our submission channel, while also scouring the web to find other gems that might not get mainstream attention. The problem is, for every quality track I absorbed, enjoyed and wanted to share with our audience, not all of them wound end up written for various reasons. Starred emails get pushed down just like the rest of ’em, you know?

That’s why I decided to start this column. The goal is to help everyone keep tabs on the undercover joints that might not earn their proper due, but should.


Chance Fischer – “STACCATO” (Prod. by Don Kevo)

Hope you like murder. The latest joint from Chance Fischer is called “STACCATO” and has everything needed to rile listeners the f*ck up. Built on sharp string strikes, sinister keys and punishing bass from producer Don Kevo, the rising VA spitter shows he can get rowdy with the best of them and delivers a clever anthem to help everyone to “stack c notes in staccato.”


Joey Sap – “Pardon My French”

Although the concept and approach behind Joey Sap’s “Pardon My French” might come across somewhat cliche at first, the core of the Cleveland rapper’s booming new single is uncut quality. Over a quirky, low-end friendly backdrop, the unrefined talent offers his alternative brand of cigarette-tinged soul and delivers a repeat-ready track that will only get better with further ear experience.


Superior – “My Whole World”

Music is meant to incite emotion, more than anything, and Superior’s moving video for his “My Whole World” does just that. The latest clip from the German producer features a handful of kids building a means to some ends from scratch and serves as a fitting metaphor for this inspiring, soulful instrumental from his upcoming Scenes project.


Meeka Kates – “Closure”

For anyone unfamiliar with Meeka Kates, “Closure” is ironically a proper introduction. Coming across like a mixture of The Weeknd and Rockapella from Carman Sandiego, this invigorating musical ride carries a sense of creepiness, that is delivered via a doo-wop style and driving beat that sounds like the music you listen to after cruising away from a rightfully severed relationship.


Doeman – “ELEVATION” (Prod. By Trakksounds)

There’s an art to making a proper come up song in hip-hop. Thankfully, Doeman separates himself from any generic upstart rappers on “ELEVATION,” by spelling out his aspirations via honest emotion and an eager flow, riding a lush beat from Trakksounds with a true sense of urgency. $tereotype$ drops next week.


Kevin Lavitt Feat. Dave B. & Mario West – “About Her”

There are certain circles where love R&B/Rap songs like Kevin Lavitt’s “About Her” won’t sit right. But, between Lavitt’s lush, self-produced instrumental, equally lavish vocals from Mario Sweet and picture perfect bars from the Seattle rapper and his homie Dave B., this moody groove does have a little something for anyone who can appreciate honest hip-hop with character.


Jibreel Price – “Dear Rockell”

Everyone’s deals with certain inner-demons. For people like Jibreel Price, exposing the dark places on paper is the only way to cope and on “Dear Rockell,” the Pontiac, MI rapper does just that. Using a heavy-hitting, string-based backdrop to help vent, the 21-year-old reveals the true story of a former close friend who was murdered by her paroled step-dad growing up and how the void has never quite been filled. The touching track is off Price’s STARdom project from 2014, which can be downloaded here.

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