This Beyonce x D’Angelo Mashup Might Get Somebody Pregnant On New Year’s Eve

12.30.13 4 years ago 21 Comments


Mashups are normally hit or miss. Either a DJ picks two songs that blend together like oil and water. Or he/she simply doesn’t know what they’re doing and the end result is a train wreck of massive proportions.

Not this one though. Definitely not this one.

“Rocket” is arguably the most “sensual” song on Beyonce’s self-titled new project and judging from the “#YAAAASSSS” hashtag on Twitter and Instagram shortly after its release, wives and girlfriends (and a few mistresses) adopted “let me sit this asssssssss on you” as their new personal relationship mantra heading into 2014. D’Angelo’s “Untitled” speaks for itself.

JAYBeatz had the foresight to combine the two musical aphrodisiacs resulting in a mashup that could result in new lives being brought into the world around September. So with tomorrow being New Year’s Eve, and for those electing to spend a quiet night at home with that special someone, consider this a spectacular look for soundtrack purposes.

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