QoTD: Does It Really Matter If Beyonce (Maybe) Lip-Synced The National Anthem?

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
01.23.13 32 Comments

At Monday’s Presidential Inauguration, Beyonce nailed her performance of the “The Star-Spangled Banner.” We’re talking near perfection. So close to 100% that now there’s Bey backlash once it was revealed that her singing was possibly pre-recorded (even the band’s was too) and the singer feigned her way through the performance.

Granted, singers have been using pre-recorded vocals as a backup track in case something goes wrong. But, given the nature of the moment, should Beyonce have done her performance live instead of using supporting sounds? Or is it given the nature of the moment and the requirement for a perfect take the exact reason why pre-recorded vocals make sense? Is all the noise necessary or is she catching flack because the media and people in general have a preoccupation for catching fakers right now?

For her part, Beyonce and her team have been mum about whether sang live or not. But Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul and performer at 2009’s inauguration, laughed off all the fuss. If the Queen approves, why should we be worried?

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