8 Ways Beyonce Could Pay Homage To New Orleans During The Super Bowl Halftime Show

10.19.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

When news broke a couple of days ago that Beyonce would be performing at the Super Bowl in New Orleans, it seemed like a perfect match. Bey is a nice reprieve from the unbearably old and boring acts that have performed ever since Janet Jackson liberated a mammary on CBS. She’s also safe enough that nobody would expect her to go spread eagle on stage.

There’s another reason Beyonce is perfect for the Super Bowl performance: she’s had quite a healthy relationship with New Orleans. The end of her “Get Me Bodied” video, she broke into a call and response bounce inspired breakdown. She’s also incorporated dances like the Josephine Johnny into her act and shot videos in the Big Easy. With that said, it only makes sense that Bey take the time to pay homage to the city during her performance. If she’s stumped as to how to make that work, I have a few suggestions that could endear her to NOLA a bit more and help recognize the greatest musical city on the planet.

1. Have A Second-Line

This is the obvious choice. The second line is the most New Orleans thing you can do and Beyonce could set some sort of Guinness World Record for largest second line ever if she got the whole dome to perform it. And I know just the band to lead the way…

2. Have That Second Line Performed By The Hot 8 Brass Band

The Hot 8 Brass Band has established itself as one of the – if not the- preeminent band in New Orleans. Have them lead the second line or at least rock on stage and they’ll steal the show.

3. Convert One Of Her Songs To Bounce

Want to have the Super Dome turned up as the kids say? Have a true bounce break in one of her songs, full of twerkage and the loudest claps known to man. You can probably bank on a Beyonce bounce track hitting the Dome.

4. Perform An Old Bounce Song

And as soon as that bounce remix to one of her songs drops, let Bey transition into something classic like “Shake For Ya Hood” or “Get It Ready” and let the tailfeathers sway in the wind.

5. Bring Out Kermit Ruffin Or Other Prominent Jazz Musician

I bet anyone that was going to be on the stage would bring out some local jazz artists. Beyonce would do it and make the music epic.

6. Have Grambling Or Southern University Bands Play

You know what other major event happens in the Super Dome? The Bayou Classic where Grambling and Southern square off in the battle of the bands and a football game takes place too. Let those bands rock out at halftime.

7. A No Limit Allusion

This is a long shot but if Bey came out in some camouflage or rode a f*cking tank to the stage, we’d be sold. Bonus if she drops a Soulja Slim reference or something from UNLV. Just give us something from New Orleans Hip-Hop. Is a Lil Wayne mention out of the question? Probably.

8. Lionel Batiste Tribute

For those that don’t know, New Orleans lost its godfather of music in Lionel Batiste. He had the biggest funeral the city’s ever seen this past summer. If Bey even just shouted him out or sang while a riff on one of his songs played, it’d be a classy ode to one of the greats.

Bonus: Don’t Do A Mardi Gras Theme

Ugh. Don’t be that person. Dig deeper and do something that’s not stereotypical. Unless of course you’re going to flash a teeterling for beads, Bey.

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