“Big Baby Blues…”

12.07.08 8 years ago • 19 Comments

And someone had the nerve to get offended when David exposed his panties the first time.

It’s one thing to be passionate about your craft and as a result, exhibit a high range of emotions. However ladies and gents, there’s a thin line between passionate and pussy, and Mrs. Davis just soiled her Maxi.

Averaging less than two layups a game, it’s obvious who’s freeloading on the newly minted Boston Celtics. But when you can’t even maintain a blowout while the starters who made it possible in the first place, take a breather, don’t run your mascara all over the hardwood when KG keeps it 100 with your soft ass. Just take it in stride along with your Johnson’s® Baby Powder and pull up your pampers.

It’s all love though. Here’s the olive branch for the previous statements.

David Banner – B.A.N. (The Love Song)

And to make it a two-for-one deal, here’s an Adidas/Footlocker commercial with KG & Young Jeezy that was swiped from eskay. Kevin & Jay Jenkins partaking in a friendly game of Texas Hold’em.

While it didn’t really make me want to go out & buy a pair of Shelltoes, I was entertained by it. Jeezy’s got a future in playing typecast roles if this rap thing don’t work out. I can’t think of anyone who can do a better Young Jeezy than Young Jeezy…or maybe Gucci Mane.

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