Hustle Blood: Big Boi’s 20 Best Guest Appearances

By 01.12.12

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Like two peas in a pod or two tears in a bucket, you simply can’t mention one without the other when it’s regarding Outkast. Now that André Benjamin has made the rounds with his most noteworthy cameos, it’s his Aquarius twin Big Boi’s turn to get his acclaim for stealing the spotlight*. Oft overlooked by his rhyming partner’s choice of wardrobe and zany accents, Big’s one of Atlanta Hip-Hop’s original braves with over two decades of legit hits under gator belt. In the pages that follow, take a listen to 20 of General Patton’s best guest appearances.

*These just very well may be ranked too. Know’what I’m tombout?

20. Beyoncé Feat. Big Boi & Sleepy Brown – “Hip-Hop Star”

Well before Bey wanted to party with André, she recruited Sir Lucious to rock out with his glock out on her debut album. He was so trill, he even dropped in a few choice words for Papa Knowles to edit out.

19. Gorilla Zoe Feat. Young Jeezy, Big Boi, Jody Breeze & Rick Ross – “Hood Nigga (Remix)”

Jeezy may have gotten one of the first notable quotables for his contribution to Zoe’s infamous hit, but Big Boi brought that bounce. And that’s the only thing that matters when you’re standing on couches in the club.

18. Rich Boy Feat. Pastor Troy & Big Boi – “And I Love You”

From man to man, Boi to Boy, our honored guest had no qualms in helping a young playa make the most out of his rookie season. Love is love.

17. Trae Tha Truth Feat. Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale, Wiz Khalifa & MDMA – “I’m On”

Time has flown and now Antwan Patton has found himself the veteran member amongst some of today’s all stars. However he can still show the young whippersnappers a thing or two about the power of the flow.

16. Killer Mike Feat. Big Boi & Sleepy Brown – “A.D.I.D.A.S.”

No, I will not liken this song’s inclusion to Big Boi’s “love boat” adventures. That would be too easy. Instead, marvel how this oversexed anthem introduced the one known as Killer Mike to the masses.

15. UGK Feat. Outkast – “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)”

While this record is an example of a 5 Cigarette masterpiece if there ever was one, Big’s verse took home the 4th place purple ribbon, hence its placement in the ranking.

14. Cool Breeze Feat. Outkast & Goodie Mob – “Watch For The Hook”

There wasn’t a need to make a grand entrance or gaudy catch phrase. The patented staccato flow did just that for him.

13. Jay-Z Feat. Twista, Killer Mike, Big Boi & Sleepy Brown – “Poppin’ Tags”

No matter the eating arrangement or the weather, winter, spring or fall, Big’s 16’s burned up labels at the mall.

12. Trick Daddy Feat. Big Boi & Cee-Lo – “In Da Wind”

The unforgettable quip of “Trick love the kids” was the undisputed showstealer here. Yet the Left Foot absolutely murdered his anchor spot. Try and keep up, why dontcha?

11. E-40 Feat. Big Boi & Big Gipp – “Chill”

Also known as “Ham Sammiches & Coupe DeVilles,” the dirty dirty met up with the bay for a ghetto fabulous good time. This is the kind of beat tailor-made for the B-O-I.

10. Goodie Mob Feat. Big Boi & Backbone – “Get Rich To This”

So…everybody hated World Party and hated on Goodie Mo-b for dropping a single like this, but y’all still hit the floor when this plays in the club? You muddasuckas are the reason we haven’t had a GM album in over a decade.

9. Janelle Monaé Feat. Big Boi – “Tightrope”

Forget “walking it out like an usher.” Big Boi had us sliding across the room in hard bottoms with his extraterrestrial star pupil. Get on up on the good foot!

8. Missy Elliott Feat. Big Boi & Nicole Wray – “All N My Grill”

Quiet as kept, high profile guest stars have a history of not sticking to subject; letting their namesake do all the work. Big Boi is not one of them guys. He, Missy and Timbaland made beautiful noise together in ’99.

7. Slick Rick Feat. Big Boi – “Street Talkin'”

MC Ricky D was so impressed with Aquemini’s ninth track, he named his album The Art Of Storytelling and asked Francis, the Savannah Chitlin’ Pimp to bless his single, which subsequently became a hit. Now that’s real talk.

6. Slimm Calhoun Feat. Big Boi – “Dirt Work”

More vicious than any pitbull he’s handled, the Outkast hound kicked down the door for yet another young, hungry artist with a baseball bat in tow. Matter fact that wasn’t Big Boi on the track. More like Marcus from ATL.

5. YoungBloodZ Feat. Big Boi & Jim Crow – “85”

For anybody who’s ever broke the speed limit just to get a little cut-up, this golden seal has stood the test of time. As you obviously know by now, Chico Dusty’s son can cold rock a party and belt out a radio hit with untapped talent. Here’s a bit a both, brewed to perfection like a vat of lager.

4. 8Ball & MJG Feat. Outkast – “Throw Ya Hands Up”

“From Texas/Atlanta/oh man!/Alabama/Savannah/The deeper, the darker/the dirty south is what I’m after…” When and why rappers strayed away from this type of wordplay, the world may never know, but what you should do is salute a real G when you see one. Word to the mothaf**ka.

3. Goodie Mob Feat. Outkast – “Black Ice”

Yeah, they named the song “Black Ice,” but who knew Big was going to get that cold on ’em? Him and that Dré guy sound kind of good together, huh?

2. Tash Feat. Outkast, B-Real & Phil Da Agony – “Smokefest ’99”

Greg Whitt and I was just fawning over this song a couple weeks back on Twitter — and for good reason. While no rapper present allows a bit of slack in their appearance, General Patton came off like a college kid who took his first bong rip and hit the studio with his head spinning like he was on the right side of an exorcism. It’s so good it’s scary.

1. Goodie Mob Feat. Big Boi & Cool Breeze – “Dirty South”

Plenty of artists go on to sell records, gain notoriety and help sell some frivolous product that’s bound to take years off your life. But you become legend when you help coin a phrase that becomes commonplace in American’s everyday language. You can’t create that at a label meeting with pie charts and calamari brunches. You’re born to do it. Ye-yeah!

Honorable Mention Raheem DeVaughn Feat. Big Boi – “Energy”

Back when TSS rated R&B albums, Raheem DeVaughn’s undeniably fresh Love Behind the Melody received 4 Cigs, thanks in part to this juiced up verse from none other than Big Boi. That even looks like him on the album’s cover.

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