Big Boi Is Still Out Here Hustlin’

12.24.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

And by “hustlin’,” this means still on the road promoting everything associated with his brand. Someone once said, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” In the case of Big Boi, it’s the two working together in harmony to create positive results. After worrying if we would ever see the release of any new music from the big homie only months ago, it almost feels as if General Patton hasn’t slept since as he has rocked nearly every city in America and even a few overseas.

Hardknock TV caught up with the son of Chico Dusty where they broke bread on a variety of subjects. It was nice to hear them acknowledge Big’s propensity to touch on political issues – something I believe which is swept under the rug far too much when his catalog is discussed. He keeps it all the way 100 when speaking about George Bush and whether or not he would have apologized had he been in Kanye West’s shoes. To keep it funky, he answered in the same manner most of us would have. Organized Noize’s true place in Hip-Hop history is discussed as well as the Grammy nominee’s tips for maintaining a successful relationship amidst the celebrity tag. More topics are obviously ran down, but that would eliminate the function of the play button. And no one ever likes a spoiled surprise.

Here’s a Big Boi random fact: Atlanta sports teams have always garnered Big’s support. Yet, Beantown athletics – Celtics, Patriots, etc. – are also just as important to his fanhood and it has been this way for well over 20 years. Why is it like this? Ask him yourself. Just imagine the conundrum if the Falcons and Patriots meet in the Super Bowl.

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