The Non-Stop Hustle Of Sir Lucious Left Foot

05.13.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

From the moment “Shutterbugg” made its rounds on the ‘net, the anticipation for the visuals were already at code red levels. It just feels like one of those records that will only get better once a video is added to the mix. With the accompanying footage, we find ourselves one step closer.

Normally, behind-the-scenes clips aren’t my thing. I’d much rather wait for the completed project. However, since I enjoyed the first installment for Chico Dusty’s web series, it couldn’t hurt to give this a shot. First thing’s first: it’s good to see Chris Robinson and Big re-connect for this occasion. Secondly, it’s more than apparent that ‘Twan is still a down-to-earth dude who honestly enjoys the process of bringing his music to life. Give him some dank, some drank and a spot to shoot dice and homie really seems like he couldn’t be happier. Hell, me neither.

Expect to see the same unique flair you have come to expect from Big Boi in the video for “Shutterbug.” Having a few Georgia peaches strutting throughout the video won’t hurt too much, either. As always – you know the deal – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty hits shelves July 6. Believe that.

One thing you’ll never hear me do is knock anyone’s hustle, which is exactly why I’m posting Big’s latest visit to The Martha Stewart Show. He even dons her with a new nickname. And just in case you needed to hear him say it one more time: OutKast is not breaking up and Andre Three Stacks is working on his solo album.

He even brought his mother to the show. Much respect for that.

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