Big Gipp And Cee-Lo Green’s “Shine Like Gold” Might Be An Unavoidable Hit Record In Due Time

06.20.14 4 years ago 29 Comments

gipp shine like gold

“Shine Like Gold” has all the makings of a tune we’ll hear playing towards the end of the World Cup as its theme song.* Or something ESPN will use during their football preview packages or transitioning in and out of commercial breaks on First Take and SportsCenter. Sure, the nature of the song is about the young lady being the apple of the Goodie Mob duo’s eyes, but that’s what editing crews are on salary for.

Inviting feel? Check.

Charming verses from Gipp? I mean, it’s not Soul Food if that’s what one clicked the link expecting, but check.

Catchy hook? Oh, hell yeah. Check. And check.

Stranger things have happened in music, but Gipp and Cee-Lo’s new collaboration just has “crossover smash” written all of it. Plus, The Soul Machine is owed a bit of good karma after unnamed powers that be took “Happy” away from him and all.

* – Had this song been released this time two years from now, I can all but guarantee it would’ve been the predominant theme song for the Olympics.

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