Big SANT – “Muthaf*ckin’ OG” (Prod. By Kreatev)

09.26.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

Big SANT’s remained down with KRIT and the fam long enough. While I pray this sentiment never changes, the time soon cometh for SANT to stake claim to his own with the impending release of MFxOG. The new single “Mutharf*ckin’ OG” is anything but subdued and finds an in-your-face beat from Kreativ coupled with an equally relentless SANT laying game down quite flat (if I can quote the late great Notorious one here).

If the calendar serves me correctly, we’re exactly 13 days away from the arrival of the aforementioned project. That’s October 9 for those who were either too lazy to find a calendar or weren’t near one.

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