“I Get Loss For Words, It’s Like I Lost My Nerve…”

04.26.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

If KiD CuDi is the crown jewel of GOOD Music then Big Sean is the unfortunate black sheep. He’s been signed to the label for almost two years and hasn’t received the spins, sales and more importantly, recognition of his record label brethren. He has the potential to have a solid career via radio friendly songs that hit the same demo that Ye and CuDi reach. It’s just that he hasn’t had a solid crack at the spotlight.

While the subject matter behind most of his songs doesn’t stray from getting money, bagging chicks, or being “Finally Famous,” he does have a few flashes of potential greatness. Take “Minds Playing Tricks On Me” off of his UKNOWBIGSEAN tape. It’s an introspective account on losing everything you took for granted in an untimely murder. This song exhibits the young rapper’s growth in content and lyrical ability since his debut mixtape.

Spitting on a classic is a risky move to say the least, especially for a rapper without any considerable radio play. Sean held it down and gave people an idea on why he got signed in the first place. Let’s hope he lives up to his finally famous call sign in the future.


Big Sean – “Minds Playing Tricks On Me”

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