The ‘Bioshock’ Movie You’ve Been Waiting For…Sort Of

05.13.13 4 years ago

It’s no secret Bioshock is pretty amazing. And we’ve recently shown appreciation to their latest game, Bioshock Infinite. With this fan adoration and commercial success, you would expect a film of some sort to be in production or on the horizon. Instead, a group of film students from the Vancouver Film School got permission from 2K Games to make their own vision come to life, and we got The Brothers Rapture.

Funded with personal and school provided dollars, they produced an 18-minute short film based around two bros and their pilgrimage to Rapture, the Bioshock-based underwater city. The trailer looks to have accurate portrayals of the game, melodramatic acting, and some cool graphics.

Enjoy the final video below.

The Brothers Rapture FB

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