First ‘Bioshock Infinite’ DLC Finally Available Today


Bioshock Infinite (PC, PS3, 360) is the best game of 2013, so far. The story’s heavenly, the graphics are on point, gameplay’s solid, and overall delivery creates a lasting memory in our hearts until September 17, 2013. So to hold us over in the meantime, 2K Games finally release the delay-ridden downloadable content for this epic game.

Released today on PC, for a mere $5 a pop, are the two promised DLCs; PS3 and 360 variation release soon, possibly later today. The first one, titled Clash in the Clouds, is a total war experience set. Four new maps, new weapons, and new content all based around a wave combat scenario. Leaderboards are set up so that you can compete with your friends for Bioshock supremacy.

The second DLC is probably what fans were more-so expecting. It’s a story driven tale, where you take the role of a female lead, presumably Elizabeth, in the fan-favorite underwater world Rapture. This set is aptly named Burial at Sea, and appears to take a film noir angle in its gameplay.

Check the trailers down below.

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