Birdman, Cash Money Getting Into The Sports Agency Business Now?

12.22.13 4 years ago 15 Comments

Saw this tidbit over at Nigel’s and found it interesting. Looks like Birdman’s possibly getting into the sports management game per a trademark filed back in October.

Named the Visionaire Sports Group, the new entity’s name was filed by Cash Money Records, described as a group specializing in sports agency services. Per the description, Visionaire’s focus will be the “management, representation and promotion of professional athletes” including “talent management services for professional athletes; career management services persons employed in the sports industries.”

Oh, boy.

The first thing that comes to mind is “they’re copying Jay Z, huh?” and it wouldn’t be wrong to make that connection. But maybe both parties are following in the trail blazed by another Louisiana native, Master P, and No Limit Sports back in 1998. Sure, Percy and co. only achieved small success and ended up fizzling fast. Still, they sparked the notion that rappers and jocks could work together in an official capacity. Fifteen years later, we have Jay and Roc Nation Sports and now, Birdman’s ballers.

And also, the move falls in line with Baby’s master plan of pushing CMR into as many arenas as humanly possible. One hundred albums per year, searching for black gold under the Bronald name, thoughts of delving into gospel as well as film, signing Paris Hilton as an artist, rock with Fred Durst, Rev. Al Sharpton and many others signed to book deals, whatever. If there’s a nickel bag sold in the park, Birdman wants in and he’s knocking first, then buying a battering ram to push his way in.

Speaking of Percy’s past forays, who better to speak on the impact of Jay and Roc Nation than P? In the clip below originally aired in July, Master P talks with EPSN’s First Take on how he feels Jay Z has done up to that point and asserts that “I think a lot of athletes look up to him and listen to his music.” The same can apply to ballers who grew up under the rise of Cash Money and probably still stand on club couches while the sounds of Weezy F., Drake and Nicki pump loud in the background. There’s familiarity along with athletes viewing these artists and the label as the pinnacles of success, thus making them want to make the aligment.

P mentions that “I think they are terrified. I think they are scared” when speaking on how traditional agencies view Jay Z. Now with Visionaire entering the game, will they have even more reason to be fearful?

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