While You Were Sleeping, Birdman Was Denied Entry To Nicki Minaj’s Grammy Party

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02.08.15 37 Comments

Grammy weekend is the hectic weekend in February every year where music’s biggest stars converge in Los Angeles for the annual awards show. While that means you can see celebrities left and right, it also means any petty ongoing beefs can come to a head at any moment. That’s exactly what happened when Birdman showed up at Nicki Minaj’s Pre-Grammy party at 1Oak last night.

Stunna arrived at 1:45 AM looking to get into the club and was denied entrance before ever really getting close to the door. As you can see in the video, the bouncers call the police over for assistance and have a bit of a heated conversation with Birdman and his entourage.

TMZ says the reason he was denied is because the club was already closed and that could be true because liquor can’t be served in California after 2AM ,so most clubs do close around that time. However, at around the 1:05 mark you can hear someone saying what sounds like “Nicki said she don’t want you in.” Listen for yourself and be the judge.

If she did indeed make the remark, it definitely gives more weight to the rumor that Lil Wayne is looking to take Nicki (and Drake) with him if/when he leaves Cash Money and also gives a hint to which side Nicki’s taken in the whole ordeal.

(via TMZ)

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