Birdman’s Riding This ‘Respek’ Thing Until The Wheels Fall Off

Managing Hip-Hop Editor

In a roundabout way, Birdman owes Charlamagne Tha God a check. Thanks to that tense radio showdown between the two, the Cash Money CEO’s been able to generate the most attention he’s seen in a while without having a mention of Lil Wayne, lawsuits or label woes attached.

And, he was able to flip his “Put some respek on my name” phrase into a song and now a video, plus tees and other stuff. He took being the butt of jokes and used it to his advantage. Ultimately, the Breakfast Club blowout was the only way he’s going to get any kind of promo for himself, his upcoming albums and the scab crew he’s hired to replace Weezy, Nicki and Drake.

Charlamagne’s been eating off it, too, though. He’s been rocking the hell out of “The Radio Guy” hats since the incident.

Win-win situation.

(Via Miss Info)

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