Birdman Permanently Pays Homage To Young Thug

04.06.14 4 years ago 19 Comments

We recognize that the fact that Birdman will never have to go to a job interview ever in his life. The Cash Money CEO’s so loaded his kids kids most likely will never have to worry about working either. With that said, his continuing effort to ink his whole body with scribblings dedicated to Cash Money subsidiaries is a little odd.

Actually, the “RG,” presumably for his Rich Gang management company, added to his right cheek isn’t that bad because what the hell would two more letters do to a face littered in tats? It’s the “YMCMYSL” scripted on his fingers that doesn’t make sense. Assuming the letters rep Young Money Cash Money Stoner Life as in Young Thug’s movement, that’s more confusing.

We’re talking about Young Thug, a guy who who doesn’t appear to know who the hell he’s signed to regardless of what he says. Even if Thugger has a management deal with Rich Gang, the relationship’s only been around for a short time, so why get it tatted on your body, Baby? Did Stunna get a special set of ink when Bow Wow signed? PJ Morton? Any of this heap of tax-writeoffs got billboard space on Birdman’s body?

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