Birdman’s Being Sued For The Same Damn Thing He’s Always Being Sued For

Life Writer
08.07.14 20 Comments

At this pernt, it seems like anyone who willingly does business with Birdman is just itching to be swindled.

Plehboi’s lawyers are suing the flashy mogul for not paying what he allegedly owes after years of representation.

Goldberg & Rimberg states that they had numerous conversations with Cash Money in which they agreed to pay them their rate for the services.

However, the label stopped paying and now is accused of owing a total of $42,144.61 in bills and out of pocket expenses paid by the firm. The record label has not filed a response to the lawsuit despite being served with the court papers.

The firm filed docs last month in which they are asking the court to grant them a default judgement against Cash Money for the 42k principal + $16,582.22 in interest + other court costs for a grand total of $59,216.83.

Like all the other times, this must’ve been an oversight. Jay Z laughs at “Baby money” but Baby money is still hundreds of millions of dollars. And I guess this is how he keeps it?


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